You Need Great Software - Sayres Technology Hello. My name is Carl Sayres, and I'm the founder of Sayres Technology. For more than 15 years, we've been building great software for our clients. Our experience is very broad, including desktop, web, and mobile applications. In fact, our specialty is building cross-platform software, tying together Windows and Mac, web browsers, and mobile devices including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and more. Perhaps you're an entrepreneur with a great idea for a new product. We go beyond just writing your software. We have the experience to help you design a winning application that will captivate your customer. And we've been the technical team behind many successful ventures. Or perhaps you're a business owner who needs custom software to improve your business. Using a consultative model, we work closely with you and your staff to understand your needs. And we design custom solutions that focus on your key challenges. Our approach is always to achieve a deep understanding of what you're trying to accomplish. We focus on the person who will use the software, and make sure we are creating the right software for them. We work with you to build a detailed and highly specific development plan. We create detailed pictures of what your software will look like and how it will work. Before writing any code, we want to make sure that we understand the software you need, and that you understand exactly what you're going to get. And we're fanatical about quality. We work with you to design and implement a testing plan, deployment plan, and training plan. Please have a look at some examples of our work. If you need great software, then call us at (206)973-8004. Sincerely, Carl H. Sayres Welcome Contact Us Examples of our Work