You Need Great Software - Sayres Technology Here are a few examples of some of the innovative software we’ve designed for our clients: A wireless conference guide - The software has complete conference information including speakers, exhibitors, and an interactive show floor map. Attendees can provide wireless feedback on speakers and presentations, and all data is updated wirelessly in real-time. This hugely successful application is a pioneer in the event industry. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for a health care startup that calls patients to monitor their pharmaceutical usage, side effects, and feedback and communicates with their doctor. A Blackberry application for a pharmaceutical company that lets their executives get up to the minute sales information. Software to produce relief maps of any location on the earth for a leading map publisher. A project management system for an international fragrance company that allows them to track their unique data and project requirements across departments and locations. A wireless email client for a US based wireless messaging company. We built the entire system software for the device from the ground up, as well as software to synchronize customer’s email with Outlook. A wireless container tracking system that uses bar codes and GPS to track drop-offs and pick-ups of dumpsters. A multi-model authentication system for a wireless messaging company which lets their financial customers verify a user’s identity by combining web and SMS messaging. A manifest tracking system for a hazardous waste disposal company. Managing all of the paperwork in this industry is a critical task, and we created a document management system for them that not only streamlines their business, but also gives them the best record keeping in the industry. A basketball diagramming application that lets coaches build libraries of play diagrams and easily share them with other coaches. This hugely successful product is now the market leader in this space, with almost all NBA and NCAA teams relying on the product. A payroll system that can handle all of the details of prevailing wage and union rules, and integrates with Timberline accounting. An auto-dialer that can rapidly call thousands of phone numbers to verify that the numbers are in service and that they connect to the correct phone systems. Welcome Contact Us Examples of our Work